5 years of Laboni

Laboni turns five in June. It has grown taking tiny steps that could match with those of my young children. Laboni is a constant stimulus for my creativity, stretching my horizons and at the same making a positive impact on an extremely talented, and proud community of artisans in India. Today she is synonymous with high quality couture fashion in accessories with products that speak to the senses and the soul!!

The hits and trials in these years have helped me iron out the rough edges and the thoughts that have become a part of my persona as an entrepreneur today are beliefs that have proven right time and again! Do I sense some heads nodding as you go through them…

• Dream big for your business, and take measured steps towards your dream.

• You are the face of your business.

• Don’t hesitate, connect with people. Unless you talk about your brand how will people know about it.

• Grow your inner strength as well. It is vital to match the oodles of stamina you need to constantly push your business.

• Never let the momentum stall completely. Do something for your business everyday, it maybe a new thought, a new connection, an opportunity pursued, organizing your office, doesn’t matter, just keep at it.

• Having said that, also take the time to reflect. Stand back to see where you are going. Having a bird’s eye view of your business is just as vital as knowing it’s minutae.

• And always always put down your goals on paper. I still reap the benefits of this exercise that a friend and entrepreneur put me through. The commitment becomes stronger and clearer, the minute you write it down.

In the course of developing brand Laboni from a seed of thought into a young business, I have met many amazing entrepreneurs, worked hard, at times achieved targets and at times was off the mark…and would without doubt say that I love being an entrepreneur. Nothing beats the satisfaction of reaching your goals however big or small they are!!

This journey has been all the more rewarding as I’ve become a part of an amazing entrepreneurial community along the way. Wish each one of you success in your businesses and happiness !!

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  1. sweety says:

    Congrats! for you 5 years of Laboni..

  2. shanu says:

    testing comment on laboni

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