Of surprises and wonders

We all have a moment at the end of the year where we reflect on all that life had in store for us as the seasons changed, and time passed. In 2011 Laboni and I were humming along to a beautiful melody of growth. A feature in CRAVE opened new horizons and gave a refreshing boost of exposure, I launched my summer collection in cottons, georgettes and chiffons after a research filled trip to the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, an aspect of my work closest to heart.

My work life momentum however saw a lull when I realized that after two sons aged 9 and 7 we were going to have an addition to the family. Kesar, literally meaning the saffron flower lit up our lives on the 29th of November 2011. She stole our hearts from day one and I have spent the last few months in simply being with her.It has given me the time and space to reflect. I realized that everything if given its time and due shapes up beautifully. The stress of trying to rush through all the to dos simply takes away the pleasure of doing them. Welcome all the blessings that life gives you and always expect the unexpected!!

So here I am, reflecting over 2011 in the middle of February, knowing this blog will bring a smile to the faces of my readers and customers. For you would know that as I write this piece, you are all in my thoughts for supporting Laboni in numerous ways to reach where it is today and empathizing with an entrepreneur who is as committed as she was before but getting the hang of balancing a business and a baby in diapers!! Wish all of you an amazing and successful 2012….

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