The upcoming Laboni Collection

I refrain from tagging my collections by the year. Long term fashion, they defy the fast changing trends. Meant to embellish your ensembles for years, these stoles with their stories are designed and developed slowly. From conception to their production maturing, over time, the art effortlessley crossing over from a traditional fold to fashion and sensibilites of a completely different world, completely different cultures,

I have embarked on a journey literally speaking. The design conception that started in December, spread through till March. It was an intense and thought provoking period. I browsed through styles and colors, dipped into the world of styling and at the end of it, sat with my ideas, focused on the color chart in front of me and found myself in a beautiful world of warm and cool hues, strong and soft colors, seasonal colors….

CLAUDIA HULSHOF, a stylist with an intuitive eye for color and style shared valuable insights generously in my pursuit of getting the right impact with colors. Our sessions covered a range of factors influencing color choices and we had amazing conversations of how colors that suit us have a lot to do with not only our skin tones, eye and hair colors, but also the different parts of the world we come from, the way the sun warms up our land etc. Our sessions were very informative and I would come away feeling that I had added yet another perspective to my designing sensibilities. A heartfelt thank you Claudia.

With the design and color conception behind me, I board a flight to India…I will be meeting my agent and sitting down for sessions where we go through our motif gallery, I pass on the colors to him and he sets to work with the craftsmen in Kashmir to give shape to my ideas.

Introducing this year, laboni will have a summer collection in lovely fabrics like soft cottons, georgettes, chiffons in pastels. This range will be from a different region excelling in styles of embroideries called “Chikan Work”, Applique etc. Will be visiting an erstwhile princely city, LUCKNOW in the state of Uttar Pradesh to connect with the craftsmen and women, so that the stoles coming out will be enriched once again with the people and history that went into their making…

I will be sharing the experiences from India as they happen in my blog entries…..

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