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The new collection, it’s here

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

PART-1 -The Embroidery

Dipping into India’s rich cultural heritage, Laboni puts together its first ever summer collection embellished with “Chikankari”. As before, my accessories always have the allure of east combining with western sensibilities. So read on in this part of my rendezvous with this amazing craft.
Chikankari has its home in one of India’s erstwhile princely cities Lucknow. Today, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, it is synonymous with the city’s rich heritage. A Persian word “Chikin” means embroidery. This age-old art is believed to be the legacy of Jehangir’s beautiful wife, Noorjehan. He was one of our Mughal rulers in the 16th century. The British (during their rule on India) influenced chikankari to evolve beyond the ethnice designs onto formal clothing and other items which helped in developing the export markets. The movie industry has been significant in popularizing the contemporary chikankari with its opulent costumes.
A significant aspect of this ancient art is that it transcends religions and castes, uniting people from varied backgrounds with a common thread in keeping alive this traditional art form. For “Parda nasseb” women referring to muslim ladies that remain behind doors, not coming out to seek employment, over the centuries, it has offered a way to earn in a respectable way. For an art infused with creativity, inherent strength to adapt to changing times, and employing workforces generation after generation, generating harmony between races, is it such wonder that it flourishes and continues to awe us with its magnificence…

Chikankari Embroidery

Chikankari Embroidery

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