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Thursday, December 30th, 2010

A journey that began in 2007, Laboni has worked on its blueprint and each year has seen growth along different tangents. The recession hit the pace and was an especially difficult time. As 2010 wraps up, I would like to share with you how perspectives that are the key notes along which Laboni hums have blossomed from ideas into concrete actions. Immensely gratifying, the progress has paved the way for a long and rewarding future.

The high quality, couture products that are Laboni’s trademark have gone out in to you via botiques,exhibitions and web sales. These sales will be making a difference to the lives of the craftsmen in Kashmir, India. So go ahead and enjoy wearing your shawls/scarves with the added pleasure of making a positive impact on someone’s lives.

Your support has meant a lot and I am deeply appreciative of it. 2011 is around the corner and as the new year sets in, I look forward to broadening Laboni’s horizons with your continued support. A heartfelt thank you to my customers, blog readers, supporters and family.