5 years of Laboni

June 18th, 2012

Laboni turns five in June. It has grown taking tiny steps that could match with those of my young children. Laboni is a constant stimulus for my creativity, stretching my horizons and at the same making a positive impact on an extremely talented, and proud community of artisans in India. Today she is synonymous with high quality couture fashion in accessories with products that speak to the senses and the soul!!

The hits and trials in these years have helped me iron out the rough edges and the thoughts that have become a part of my persona as an entrepreneur today are beliefs that have proven right time and again! Do I sense some heads nodding as you go through them…

• Dream big for your business, and take measured steps towards your dream.

• You are the face of your business.

• Don’t hesitate, connect with people. Unless you talk about your brand how will people know about it.

• Grow your inner strength as well. It is vital to match the oodles of stamina you need to constantly push your business.

• Never let the momentum stall completely. Do something for your business everyday, it maybe a new thought, a new connection, an opportunity pursued, organizing your office, doesn’t matter, just keep at it.

• Having said that, also take the time to reflect. Stand back to see where you are going. Having a bird’s eye view of your business is just as vital as knowing it’s minutae.

• And always always put down your goals on paper. I still reap the benefits of this exercise that a friend and entrepreneur put me through. The commitment becomes stronger and clearer, the minute you write it down.

In the course of developing brand Laboni from a seed of thought into a young business, I have met many amazing entrepreneurs, worked hard, at times achieved targets and at times was off the mark…and would without doubt say that I love being an entrepreneur. Nothing beats the satisfaction of reaching your goals however big or small they are!!

This journey has been all the more rewarding as I’ve become a part of an amazing entrepreneurial community along the way. Wish each one of you success in your businesses and happiness !!

New Collaborations in 2012

February 7th, 2012

ASPA and Laboni offer you wondrously soft and delicate cashmere stoles in a
range of colors. WEARABLE ART is how I define my products as my designs
are rendered with needles and threads by talented craftsmen on to fabric. A
business benefiting these artists that are involved in the production, my
stoles are sustainable and timeless fashion. For more details please visit my site: http://laboni.eu/craftsmen.html

Laboni at ASPA

Laboni Cashmeres at ASPA




The pure cashmere range is a part of my versatile collection. So pick your
color and pamper yourself keeping snug against the chill outside. Finish off your ensemble stylishly with one of these stoles in vibrant hues along with expert make up tips thrown in by ASPA using Jane Iredale Make Up and Cosmetics.

Of surprises and wonders

February 7th, 2012

We all have a moment at the end of the year where we reflect on all that life had in store for us as the seasons changed, and time passed. In 2011 Laboni and I were humming along to a beautiful melody of growth. A feature in CRAVE opened new horizons and gave a refreshing boost of exposure, I launched my summer collection in cottons, georgettes and chiffons after a research filled trip to the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, an aspect of my work closest to heart.

My work life momentum however saw a lull when I realized that after two sons aged 9 and 7 we were going to have an addition to the family. Kesar, literally meaning the saffron flower lit up our lives on the 29th of November 2011. She stole our hearts from day one and I have spent the last few months in simply being with her.It has given me the time and space to reflect. I realized that everything if given its time and due shapes up beautifully. The stress of trying to rush through all the to dos simply takes away the pleasure of doing them. Welcome all the blessings that life gives you and always expect the unexpected!!

So here I am, reflecting over 2011 in the middle of February, knowing this blog will bring a smile to the faces of my readers and customers. For you would know that as I write this piece, you are all in my thoughts for supporting Laboni in numerous ways to reach where it is today and empathizing with an entrepreneur who is as committed as she was before but getting the hang of balancing a business and a baby in diapers!! Wish all of you an amazing and successful 2012….

The new collection, it’s here

April 13th, 2011

PART-1 -The Embroidery

Dipping into India’s rich cultural heritage, Laboni puts together its first ever summer collection embellished with “Chikankari”. As before, my accessories always have the allure of east combining with western sensibilities. So read on in this part of my rendezvous with this amazing craft.
Chikankari has its home in one of India’s erstwhile princely cities Lucknow. Today, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, it is synonymous with the city’s rich heritage. A Persian word “Chikin” means embroidery. This age-old art is believed to be the legacy of Jehangir’s beautiful wife, Noorjehan. He was one of our Mughal rulers in the 16th century. The British (during their rule on India) influenced chikankari to evolve beyond the ethnice designs onto formal clothing and other items which helped in developing the export markets. The movie industry has been significant in popularizing the contemporary chikankari with its opulent costumes.
A significant aspect of this ancient art is that it transcends religions and castes, uniting people from varied backgrounds with a common thread in keeping alive this traditional art form. For “Parda nasseb” women referring to muslim ladies that remain behind doors, not coming out to seek employment, over the centuries, it has offered a way to earn in a respectable way. For an art infused with creativity, inherent strength to adapt to changing times, and employing workforces generation after generation, generating harmony between races, is it such wonder that it flourishes and continues to awe us with its magnificence…

Chikankari Embroidery

Chikankari Embroidery

Catch the next article next week………

The upcoming Laboni Collection

March 11th, 2011

I refrain from tagging my collections by the year. Long term fashion, they defy the fast changing trends. Meant to embellish your ensembles for years, these stoles with their stories are designed and developed slowly. From conception to their production maturing, over time, the art effortlessley crossing over from a traditional fold to fashion and sensibilites of a completely different world, completely different cultures,

I have embarked on a journey literally speaking. The design conception that started in December, spread through till March. It was an intense and thought provoking period. I browsed through styles and colors, dipped into the world of styling and at the end of it, sat with my ideas, focused on the color chart in front of me and found myself in a beautiful world of warm and cool hues, strong and soft colors, seasonal colors….


CLAUDIA HULSHOF, a stylist with an intuitive eye for color and style shared valuable insights generously in my pursuit of getting the right impact with colors. Our sessions covered a range of factors influencing color choices and we had amazing conversations of how colors that suit us have a lot to do with not only our skin tones, eye and hair colors, but also the different parts of the world we come from, the way the sun warms up our land etc. Our sessions were very informative and I would come away feeling that I had added yet another perspective to my designing sensibilities. A heartfelt thank you Claudia.

With the design and color conception behind me, I board a flight to India…I will be meeting my agent and sitting down for sessions where we go through our motif gallery, I pass on the colors to him and he sets to work with the craftsmen in Kashmir to give shape to my ideas.

Introducing this year, laboni will have a summer collection in lovely fabrics like soft cottons, georgettes, chiffons in pastels. This range will be from a different region excelling in styles of embroideries called “Chikan Work”, Applique etc. Will be visiting an erstwhile princely city, LUCKNOW in the state of Uttar Pradesh to connect with the craftsmen and women, so that the stoles coming out will be enriched once again with the people and history that went into their making…

I will be sharing the experiences from India as they happen in my blog entries…..

Curry in a hurry

February 21st, 2011

Laboni is exhibiting at “Curry in a Hurry”, an event showcasing the tensile adaptability of India’s rich and versatile traditions in food, fashion and music.
For more details please view the invitation:

Sharing a highlight from 2010

January 28th, 2011

Each year brings its own personal and professional milestones. I would like to share a beautiful part of my journey with Laboni. It has happened because of all of you out there who have believed in me and those that have bought my prodcuts. As 2011 rolls out, I am looking forward to growing with Laboni and succeeding in the way that Laboni stands for: bringing avante garde sustainable fashion and sharing the success with its craftsmen in Kashmir, India.

2010 was a year that saw Laboni go through low times, and unexpected successes; which gave me the boost to persist onwards with the motto, “you never know what lies next.” Out of this year long journey I have managed to fulfill my commitment of providing micro aid to two master craftsmen that embroider my shawls/scarves.

Micro aid from Laboni is focused on craftsmen that are extremely talented, with a rich experience that can be used to guide the younger generation of talented youth to becoming exceptional craftsmen. Laboni is supporting them consistently to enable them to work less and spend more time in tutoring groups of young craftsmen into the techniques and intricacies of embroidering. So here’s something about them:

Mohammad Zargar is another gem that has remained tucked away in the valleys. In his late sixties, he is a craftsman with decades of experience and an exceptional eye for colors. The motifs come to life in his hands and the shawls he make are pieces of art. He specializes in a style of embroidery called “Ariwork”
Economic necessities saw him take to it from an early age he missed out on a chance to education. Though always struggling to overcome poverty, he remains committed to his work with a quite dignity and indomitable spirit.

Ghulam Mohammad Dar is a master craftsman in the embroidery style of “Papier Machie” What sets him apart was his decision to take on this demanding way of earning a living even though he had a choice of a more profitable career. With a college degree he could have made a lucrative career for himself, but Ghulam Dar chose to live the life of a carftsman and nurture the traditional career of his fore fathers and has passed on the skills to all of his five children. He not only heads the joint family set up but is also the backbone of this art in his village. His house is often the gathering place. The receiving room has a coterie of craftsmen working under his able guidance.

An expert in the paper machie style of embroidery, today he has a rich experience of over 40 years. He is at a point in his life where he knows the hardships that a craftsman goes through in his career and is in a constant struggle to provide for his family. This knowledge saddens him, but for a moment. With a sense of purpose, he looks forward with hope and works on guiding the young craftsman under him. He wants to do his bit to secure a vibrant and optimistic future for the art of embroidery.


December 30th, 2010

A journey that began in 2007, Laboni has worked on its blueprint and each year has seen growth along different tangents. The recession hit the pace and was an especially difficult time. As 2010 wraps up, I would like to share with you how perspectives that are the key notes along which Laboni hums have blossomed from ideas into concrete actions. Immensely gratifying, the progress has paved the way for a long and rewarding future.

The high quality, couture products that are Laboni’s trademark have gone out in to you via botiques,exhibitions and web sales. These sales will be making a difference to the lives of the craftsmen in Kashmir, India. So go ahead and enjoy wearing your shawls/scarves with the added pleasure of making a positive impact on someone’s lives.

Your support has meant a lot and I am deeply appreciative of it. 2011 is around the corner and as the new year sets in, I look forward to broadening Laboni’s horizons with your continued support. A heartfelt thank you to my customers, blog readers, supporters and family.

Festive Season Sales Event

November 16th, 2010

With the festivals almost in sight, it is once again time to pick up those special gifts for friends and family. A sales event has been organized by Ms Viathou Wyers, a dear friend where she brings together businesses that offer beautiful, exclusive and affordable gift choices. Come and indulge yourself in a lovely, personalized shopping experience

Location: Prins Mauritslaan 77, Den Haag

Sunday 28th November 1500-1800hrs and 1900-2130hrs

Monday 29th November 1200-1600hrs

* Free Parking.


De Deel Ladies Night

August 23rd, 2010

The Event on Friday September 17th is a potpourri of fashion, food, jewellery and more that women find interesting. Several participants give demonstrations, advice and tips on personal care. The Ladies Night is from 19.00 hours to 22.00 hours and costs € 35.00 plus VAT. You will receive an invoice by email.
There are exclusive handmade accessories for sale. Since we have no ATM facilities we advise you to come prepared with some cash at hand to pick up the beautiful products.

Contact Details:
Call 015 2154027
www.dedeelrijswijk.nl / LadiesNight.aspx